Keung Show Hong Kong Fan Club Terms and Rules

Keung Show Hong Kong Fan Club Limited trading as 姜濤香港後援會Keung Show Hong Kong Fan Club (the “Club”) is a company limited by guaranteed registered with the Companies Registry of Hong Kong. Please read and agree to the following before joining the Club :-


  1. About the Club
  2. The fees charged by the Club or the funds collected from members for supporting Keung To in the future will be used for paying normal and reasonably incurred operating expenses, including but not limited to office rental, maintenance fee for the website of the Club, registration fees, administrative and operating expenses, project planning expenses, advertising fees and expenses, costs and fees for production of the merchandise and promotional fees and expenses.


  1. Club Rules
  2. How to become a member of the Club (a “Member”)


  • Each Member will be entitled to one membership of the Club (the “Membership”), and each Member will be registered with his/her authentic name. The Membership is not transferrable. There is no limitation on the age for joining the Club for the time being. The admission fee paid to the Club upon application will not be refunded in any circumstance.


  • The name of the applicant cannot be changed once the application for admission to the Club is submitted. In addition, an applicant is required to provide true and complete personal particulars at the time of registration as a Member (including your authentic name/identity card number (alphabet and first four figures)/correspondence address/contact number/contact email etc). Should there be any change to any of your personal particulars please update accordingly in the “Members’ Zone” of the website of the Club.


  • You agree to pay HK$330 as the admission fee upon admission to the Club, such fee is inclusive of the Membership for one year. 


  • Once admitted as a Member, the Club will issue a membership card to the Member within the next two months to confirm his/her identity as a Member. In addition, each Member will be entitled to one set of “Welcome Gifts”.


  • The Club will deliver the aforesaid “Welcome Gift”, tickets, gifts or merchandise; or disseminate information based on the personal information provided by the Members. If the personal information registered is incorrect or incomplete and such information is not timely updated, as a result of which such Member fails to receive the relevant information on time, or fails to receive the said “Welcome Gift”, tickets, gifts or merchandise; or other Membership’s benefits or such Member loses the qualifications or opportunity to participate in any activity of the Club, the Club will not be responsible for any such failure or loss of qualifications or opportunities. Applicants from overseas (other than Hong Kong) must provide an address and contact person in Hong Kong in order to receive the aforesaid Welcome Gift”, tickets, gifts or merchandise etc, failing which the Club will not deliver the same to that applicant.


  • Renewal of Membership :The membership is for one year. Unless the renewal is cancelled manually, the membership will be renewed automatically when it expires. The annual membership renewal fee is HK$200.


    • You agree that the personal information provided by you will only be used by the Club for identification of Members of the Club. Without your prior consent, the Club will not use any such personal information for any other purposes, nor will disclose your personal information to any unrelated third parties (save and except for the purpose of compliance with the relevant laws or pursuant to request by judicial authorities)



  1. Members’ Rights and Benefits


  • Members will enjoy exclusive benefits during the term of Membership, for instance :-
  • Joining the TG Channel of the Club
  • Privilege in participating in activities of the Club. Depending on circumstances, the Club may charge fees separately for participating in any such activities.
  • Purchase of any merchandise offered by the Club


  • The qualification for participating in any activity by the Club is not transferrable.
  • Whenever a Member attends the activity of the Club, if so requested by the Club, the Member should produce identification documents (with photos) or a valid Membership card to verify his/her identity.
  • When attending an activity of the Club, Members should not cause nuisance or be impolite to any other third parties or staff, and should at all times observe the rules of the venue and keep the venue clean and tidy.
  • Any Member who is unable to attend in any activity of the Club must inform the Club in advance. If a Member fails to show up, he/she will be regarded as having foregone his/her right to participate and the relevant fees paid for participating in the said activity will not be refunded or returned.


  1. Rules to be observed by Members
  • Once admitted to the Club, you will be regarded as agreeing to observe this Terms and Rules.
  • Under no circumstances should Members do anything to threaten or harm the personal safety of Keung To, nor do any act to harm or jeopardize the reputation of Keung To or this Club. Cherishing and protecting Keung To should be the priority of every Member.
  • Members shall not engage in speculation activities in respect of the merchandise of the Club or tickets to concerts or functions etc. Once the Club is aware of any such activities, the Membership of the relevant members will be terminated and any fees paid will not be refunded or returned.
  • Members shall not produce or manufacture any products or merchandise which infringe or may infringe the intellectual property rights of any third parties, including copy or duplicate any merchandise of the Club, or any unauthorized use of any logos or trademarks of the Club, or to create any modification or variation of products based on or deriving from the merchandise of the Club.


  1. Termination of Membership
  • If a Member does not renew his/her Membership, his/her Membership will terminate upon expiry of the current term.


  • If the Club is aware of any contravention of any provision in this Terms and Rules by any Member, upon investigation by the Club, the Club reserves the right to terminate forthwith the Membership of the relevant Member, and any fees paid by such Member will not be refunded or returned.
  • For all sent goods, please make a video before unpacking to prove that the quantity is correct, If there is no video, the missing product will not be replaced.


  1. Others

This Club does not have any relationship with ViuTV or HK Television Entertainment Company Limited.


  1. The Club has the final and conclusive interpretation on any provision of this Terms and Rules, and has the right to amend any of the provisions, and the version posted on the website of the Club from time to time will deemed to be the latest version of this Terms and Rules. The Club hereby reserves the right to final resolution of any dispute arising from or regarding this Terms and Rules.


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