Questions about membership

Is there any age restrictions for membership application of this Club (“membership”)?

No, applicants can be of any age.

I’m a Keung Candy and a mother, my young children are little Keung Candies too, can I apply membership for them on their behalf?

Yes. Each member of this Club (“member”) will be entitled to one membership, membership fee for adults and children is the same.

If I’m not a member, can I make online purchases or pre-order items from this Club?

Yes, but some items/ pre-order items are exclusive for members only.

If this Club will provide services such as preordering of tickets for concerts, birthday gatherings, fans meetings, mini concert plus signing activities etc in the future, are these services only made available for members?

Yes. These services will only be available for our members.

If I’m a member, is it certain that I can participate in future birthday gatherings, fans meetings, mini concert plus signing activities etc that are organized by this Club?

No. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available openings for an activity, the Club will draw lots from the pool of applicants for the activity. Each member will only count as one applicant, which will be validated with member name and HKID no.

After I applied for the membership, does it mean I will be automatically admitted to Keung Show Hong Kong Fan Club’s telegram group?

No. After you joined as a member, you will be automatically added into Keung Show Hong Kong Fan Club telegram channel. This members’ channel is mainly for receiving membership news.

To join the Keung Show Hong Kong Fan Club’s telegram group, pls apply via this link:

Regarding the fees charged by the Club, the receipt of funds through selling items, and the funds collected from members for supporting Keung To, how will these funds be used by the Club?

Most funds after deducting operating and production costs and expenses will be used for the promotion & advertisement of Keung To, while the remaining small portion will be donated to charities, so to follow Keung To’s motto and spread our love to others in need.

Where can I find my member ID no.?

The membership number is still being processed, and the current number is incorrect. It will be updated again and again in the future. When there is an update number, we will teach you how to check it.

What if I don't have a credit card? Can FC provide other payment methods?

FC only accepts credit card payment. If you
don't have a credit card, please ask someone you trust to pay for it.

When will the membership gift be sent?

It takes time to make the membership gift. It
will be shipped two months after the deadline for each round of applications.
It will be sent by SF Express. There is no face-to-face delivery. Will remind
everyone on social media when it ships (IG/TG/FB/Members channel)

What if I find that the information is wrong?

Please go to contact us on the webpage to
write down your questions and contact us

Can I fill in fake information?

If you participate in the activities of our
fan club, we will check and register according to the personal information you
provide. We will not be responsible for any missed opportunities due to the
inconsistency between the information and reality.

When will I be added to the member channel?

We will add you in the order of
application, please be patient

(Please pay attention to whether the submitted TG username is correct. If you are not sure, please refer to the following link to configure )

There is also an administrative fee of HKD 50 for changing USERNAME

When can I shop online?

Please continue to pay attention to the update of my social media account for the opening of the online shopping function. Thank you

Things to pay attention to after receiving the goods

For all sent goods, please make a video before unpacking to prove that the quantity is correct.If there is no videos, the missing product will not be replaced.

What to do if you lose your membership card?

Note that the membership card is lost, and a replacement membership card needs to be paid 200$
It will take one month for replacement


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