Keung To

Keung To (Born : 30 April 1999 -), a Hong Kong singer and actor, and a member of Hong Kong boy group MIRROR. He was born in, and educated in Hong Kong. In 2018, Keung participated in the television reality talent contest produced by ViuTV “Good Night Show King Maker (全民造星)”. He was one of the popular contestants and he won the contest with his outstanding popularity. Shortly after Keung won the contest, Keung with other 11 contestants debuted as a boy group MIRROR. Since his debut, Keung has been focusing on his music career with unceasing effort and perseverance, and he hopes that the Hong Kong singers of this new generation can recoup their important role in the Asia music industry. 

In 2019, in addition to his participation in MIRROR, Keung embarked on debuting his own singles. He released three singles " Seed No. 1" (一號種籽), "Atlantis" (亞特蘭提斯) and "A Little More A Day" (一天多一點), all of which charted on various Hong Kong major pop music billboards. In July, he held his solo concert and tickets were quickly sold out. Keung won awards in three music awards presentations in 2019, namely the “Best Prospect Award (gold)” in “the 42nd Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award” (《第42屆十大中文金曲》的最有前途新人獎金獎), the “Super Idol” in “Hits Awards 2019” (《新城勁爆頒獎禮2019》的「勁爆人氣偶像」) and the “Ultimate New Singer (Bronze)” in the “Ultimate Song Chart Award Presentation Ceremony 2019” (《2019叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮》「叱咤樂壇生力軍」銅獎).


In 2020, Keung has scheduled to release a dance pop but this was interrupted by COVID 2019 -- Keung cannot go to Korea to film the MV for the song as planned. The unexpected change inspired Keung to produce a song that can bring positive vibes to encourage everyone to face the adversity in a positive manner, hence the concept for creation of his fourth single, “The Love Without Words”. Later in that year, Keung released his fifth single “Solitude”. Keung participated substantially in the concept for creation of the MV and he was director of an MV for his own song for the very first time. He hoped to accompany the audience to release and combat their loneliness. At the end of the year, he debuted his sixth single “Love Visa”.


This year, Keung entered into another phase of his music career. He shone in various music award presentations, including being awarded “Male Singer (Silver)” of “Chill Club Awards” (《Chill Club推介榜年度推介》年度男歌手銀獎), “Male Singer (Bronze)” in the “43rd Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award” (《第43屆十大中文金曲》), the “Super Idol” in “Hits Awards 2020” (《新城勁爆頒獎禮2020》的「勁爆人氣偶像」), and further in the “Ultimate Song Chart Award Presentation Ceremony 2020” (《2020叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮》), he swept two major awards, “My Favourite Male Singer” (我最喜愛的男歌手) and, his song “The Love Without Words”, as “My Favourite Song” (我最喜愛的歌曲). Keung is the youngest singer in history being awarded with these prizes. 


2021 is the year of breaking through and rising to prominence overseas for Keung To. At the beginning of the year Keung and the team that he admires very much including the musician of the new generation, Gareth T. and the renowned lyricist, Wyman Wong, created the song “Master Class”. This music piece stems from Keung himself, he hopes that the audience can be bold enough to struggle through the traditional mindset and to live to one’s true self. The genre of this song is also special as it adapts reggaeton rhythm and blues, the genre which are rarely seen in Canto-pop music. “Master Class” was highly regarded, and for Keung, it became the first song which topped the four major music billboards in Hong Kong. In August the same year, Keung released his second single “Dear My Friend,”, to express his remembrance to his late good friend. This song unexpectedly touches many souls with similar experiences through which they are able to release and unleash their sorrow buried inside them. With one million view counts received only within 30 hours after its initial release in the music platform, this song can be regarded as an influential piece of Keung ever since he debuted. Keung also had other collaboration with other singers in the same year, including “Fat Keung 2.0” with Fatboy, “I Know” with AGA. There are much to talk about on the themes, music genres and the presentation of the MVs for these songs, and for Keung, these are good try for exploring different possibilities in his music career. 


Keung started to receive attention overseas. He was named as the one of the 300 Asia’s Most Influential by《Tatler Asia》and also, recognized as one of the International Breakout Stars by the American renowned magazine《Variety》and he is the only artiste in Hong Kong receiving this award. 


In the recently held “Ultimate Song Chart Award Presentation Ceremony 2021” (《2021叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮》), Keung once again was awarded the “My Favourite Male Singer” (我最喜愛的男歌手) and, his song “Dear My Friend,”, as “My Favourite Song” (我最喜愛的歌曲). In Canada, Keung also received the awards of “My Most Favourite Male Singer (Gold)” and “Dear My Friend,” as “My Most Favourite Song of the Year” in the Sing Tao A1 Top Chart. These honors affirmed his effort in Keung’s music career and laid a more solid foundation for him to break through new grounds in his music journey.  


On 2 January 2022, the very next day after Keung received the awards in “Ultimate Song Chart Award Presentation Ceremony 2021”, Keung released his ninth baby, “Mirror in Mirror”. According to his long note to Siu Hak, the lyricist :- 


“Again, I hope to create this new song based on my own story and experiences. Through the song I want to express my internal transformation process on how to face external voices about me after I started to come to prominence : from rejection, avoidance and anxiousness to refute; to introspection and epiphany; and finally to calm acceptance. From within I understood my biggest enemy in life is never others, but my own self. When we learn to courageously face our greatest inner fears, realize and accept our true self, we get to ultimately defeat our demons. This is the only route to developing a resilient and righteous heart.”


People generally showed appreciation and were astounded by this marvelous music piece because this piece blends in different music genres and banishes all the customary rules embedded in Canto-pop, we can see drill beat, opera and even classic music being incorporated flawlessly in a music piece of just four minutes. On the lyrics, the meticulously use of words and phrases by Siu Hak perfectly expresses Keung’s message. The MV has a strong filmic and artistic sense, using Kung-fu and different dance styles to tell the story, wandering between highways, city, hospital, opera house and other scenes etc. It is expected that this music piece can open wider paths for further styles in Canto-pop. With much expectation, we await silently on how Keung and other musicians and professionals can break into new grounds for Hong Kong music. 


In terms of the areas of his performing career, in 2018, when Keung To was still in the competition “Good Night Show King Maker”, he already took part in his first TV series “Retire to Queen (《退休女皇》)”. In 2019, Keung was one of the major actors in the micro film “Love Before Birthday (《戀愛要在生日前》)”. In 2020, Keung took part in the original TV Series “Ink at Tai Ping (《太平紋身店》)” acted the role of Ip Tin Ching (葉天晴). In July the same year, Keung went to Taiwan and took part in “Sometimes When We Touch (《超感應學園》)”the idol TV Series jointly produced by Viu TV and GTV in Taiwan. Keung has film debut in August 2021 and took part in “Mama’s Affairs (《阿媽有咗第二個》)”, a film directed by Kearen Pang. Since his debut, Keung participated in numerous commercials, and he is also beloved by many internationally reputable brands.    



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